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ALPHA’s MVNO service helps MVNOs deliver and exceed their promises to their customers. It is technical and operational hassle-free and supports MVNOs in improving their overall performance in an innovative way.


MVNOs nowadays face many challenges in operating a healthy and sustainable business, ranging from dealing with the fast-changing customer and market demands to dealing with a cumbersome IT infrastructure and operational processes. How to improve customer experience, how to differentiate from competitors, and how to move into the new digital era while running the current business profitably remain the key challenges.

Our solution

ALPHA provides MVNOs with the right tools, the proper support, and the critical insights to deal with these challenges. Customer journey is at the core of each value proposition, and SPLENDID’s MVNX-as-a-Service provides support to design, develop, build, operate and improve this customer journey.

With our state-of-the-art MVNX platform, we offer end-to-end managed services that take away the IT and operational hassle for our clients. In addition, with our Business Process Support service, we help our clients continuously improve their performance, hence delivering the promises to their customers in a profitable manner. Furthermore, as a true business partner in various aspects, we allow our clients to share the benefits of SPLENDID capabilities which are achieved and accumulated through years of experience in the global Telco and OTT markets.

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Our solution is applicable to both MNOs & MVNOs. Our MVNX-as-a-Service brings you the following benefits:

  • Relieves you from the IT complexity: Our Business Process Support service supported by business SLA’s allows you to focus on your customer and company growth
  • Shortens Time-to-Market: Implementing changes rapidly in days rather than weeks through a highly configurable, flexible, and scalable platform
  • Provides Full-Service Control: With E2E control, we continuously design, monitor, and improve processes that determine your customers’ experience
  • Provides an Attractive Commercial Model: Our Pay-as-You-Use pricing model provides you with a predictable cost structure, requiring fewer upfront investments, reducing your financial risk significantly
  • Improves Customer Experience and Better Customer Insights: Our full suite network agnostic solution, containing BSS, VAS, and Core Network elements, provides your customers with consistent experiences and better customer insights
  • Facilitates Geographical Growth: Our multi-tenant approach with strict customer isolation facilitates entry into new businesses as well as expansion into other geographical markets
  • Allows Differentiation and Sustainable: SPLENDID is at the center of many new trends, driving mobile transformations on the one hand and ensuring secure connections into the OTT and digital era on the other.