Alpha Network is the best-in-class to allow unified operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning for a wholesale business.

With our LCR Management systems, Carrier rates are seamlessly managed and intelligently analyzed to maximize quality and profit.

Splendid’s state-of-the-art network allows its NOC to:

  • Ability to create multiple products to offer a wide variety of service levels
  • Wholesale, Retail, Platinum, MVNO routing & pricing
  • Real-Time Traffic & Financial Reporting of the millions of minutes over the network
  • Credit control for all customers and the automatic cut-off for prepaid wholesale customers
  • Automatic report generation for each level of the organization.

Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) constantly monitors the state of our network, which again enables our organizational control mechanisms to react immediately to any disturbance there might be on the network. This is further proof of our high-quality service.